Our Programs

MicroFinance & Enterprise Development (ND)

Micro Finance & Enterprise Development- It is a Social Science course. The course dwells on entrepreneurial skill development, ability, analysis, control, financing as well as financial management and accounting skills for the running of business enterprise. The certificate can be used to pursue further, courses in the field of Business…

Cooperative Economics & Management (ND)

Cooperative Economics & Management is a field of economics that incorporates Cooperative Studies and Political economy towards the study and management of Co-operatives. It is a Social Science course that can be used to pursue further studies in management and Social Sciences related courses at Degree or Higher National Diploma…

Professional Diploma in Cooperative Management

This is basically financial management and general administration of business, especially Cooperative Business enterprises. It is an advance programme designed for those with qualifications in other discipline but with bias in pursuing Cooperatives Enterprises Knowledge. It is a 3-semester programme leading to the award of Professional Diploma.